PhD Economist Explains “Future of America” In One Chart

And she’s warning investors to prepare for a new crisis

Former Goldman Sachs Managing Director Dr. Nomi Prins says something strange is happening behind the scenes in our financial system.

It has nothing to do with a market crash… a new reserve currency… or the end of fiat.

Prins says:

“While most Americans are distracted by mainstream media headlines calling for a stock market crash, I’ve found evidence that shows where the elites are spending $150 trillion to ‘transform’ the economy. Most Americans will be shocked when they see what happens next.”

One simple chart explains everything from Trump… to AOC… to Inflation and shortages…

Once you see it, you’ll understand the truth about America’s future. 

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When you do you’ll see what this chart reveals about America’s future – and what it means for your money.

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