Three Stocks to Avoid or Sell Next Week

Seeking out great stocks to buy is important, but identifying quality investments is only half the battle. Many would say it’s even more essential for investors to know which stocks to steer clear of. A losing stock can eat away at your precious long-term returns. So, determining which stocks to trim or eliminate is essential for proper portfolio maintenance.  

Even the best gardens need pruning, and our team has spotted a few stocks that seem like prime candidates for selling or avoiding. Continue reading to find out which three stocks our team is staying away from this week. 

Moderna (MRNA) 

Heading into 2023, Moderna still relies on its covid vaccine to bring in the lion’s share of its income. Generating its income from a single drug (Spikevax) is a risk no $70 billion company should be taking. With the worst of COVID-19 behind us, Moderna’s sales could plunge by 25% to 68% this year based on analyst expectations. The consensus of $8.74 billion represents a valuation of 9 times sales, which is quite pricey within the biotech space.

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Opendoor Technologies (OPEN)

 Opendoor Technologies aims to revolutionize the home-buying process with its automated solution for a smoother, quicker, and more convenient buying experience. Investors piled into OPEN during its market debut in 2020; however, OPEN stock has lost nearly 80% of its value over the past year, with expectations building that more pain could be on the horizon due to the widespread decline in the real estate market. Redfin anticipates that there will be a 16% year-over-year decline in the number of existing home sales in 2023, making OPEN an ideal stock to sell.    

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iSun Inc. (ISUN)

While the future remains bright for renewable energy, not all solar stocks are a buy. Provider of solar engineering and construction services, iSun Inc. (ISUN), has seen operating losses skyrocket alongside revenue increases in recent years. Given the company’s already high debt position after a series of acquisitions in 2021, the additional losses could force the company to raise equity in order to de-lever its balance sheet, which could mean further declines for iSun. The small, unprofitable solar company’s stock is down 73% over the past 12 months, but it’s far from a bargain considering the risk factor. 

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