3 Extremely Undervalued Streaming Stocks to Buy Right Now: “Wait… Google is still under a hundred?!”

In entertainment history, we’ve seen significant cultural shifts, including the film renaissance in the 1920s, TV in the 1950s, the birth of the internet and cell phone obsession in the 1990s. Streaming as a modern phenomenon is likely credited to former PayPal (PYPL) workers who founded YouTube in 2005. A year after its launch, YouTube was acquired by Alphabet, Inc. (GOOGL) with a price tag of $1.65 billion

Today, over two-hundred platforms collectively provide basically everything that anyone could want to see. The streaming industry has been overcrowded, yet it remains competitive, and organizations are vying to embrace whatever can offer a competitive advantage. Some streaming services have been focused more on original programming, and the programs have certainly increased in popularity if nothing else. This cool tech sub-sector has enough staying power to find its way while maintaining its edge.

One silver lining in the pandemic was that once quarantines took effect, streamers found their perfect moment: the globe was nearly exclusively confined to their homes. Not a bad gig. The market will continue to develop atop its foundation as the need for fresh material, as well as the rebooted content, fuels the sector’s growth. The streaming market is expected to increase in value by 18.45% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) to $1,721.4 billion by 2030…  Hrghm, sorry, $1.72 trillion.

My two cents are in the slot. Let’s finally look at these great stocks I’ve been going on about. Each has its own appeal, extraordinary metrics, and huge upside potential. The experts suggest that investors should consider these tube tickers to be wise portfolio additions now:

DISH Network Corp (DISH)

In addition to its holding operations, DISH Network Corp (DISH) — mainly known for its popular satellite TVs — operates through its Pay-TV market, using Sling as its premium streaming brand. DISH’s wireless spectrum licenses and associated assets are handled separately. DISH, which has its headquarters in Englewood, Colorado, was established in 1980 by Charles and Cantey W. Ergen.

DISH had been installing those little satellites on neighbors’ rooftops before people knew what streaming meant. DISH currently has a market cap of $7.5 billion, with forecasted revenue of $4.2 billion this quarter and an EPS of 52 cents per shareIn Q3 2022, DISH surpassed earnings projections easily by 13.54%. Over the past twelve months, DISH has shown a P/E ratio of 4.5x, a P/S of 9.59x, a P/B of 0.42x, and a beta score of 1.8, all of which suggest fair business practice and market security. From this time last year, DISH shows $17.08 billion in estimated gross revenue, with $2.9 billion in operating cash flowDISH’s price is down by over 56% YTD; Analysts have given DISH a consensus median price target of 30.00, with a high of 60.00 and a low of 16.00. So, the median target represents a 114% gain, and the potential upside goes as high as 325%. I think the analysts agree on us giving this one a buy.

Comcast Corp (CMCSA)

Comcast Corp (CMCSA) is a global media and technology firm that keeps itself involved as much as possible. Under the Xfinity name, CMCSA‘s Communications section provides internet, phone, wireless, and cable to household and corporate clients. The Media segment of CMCSA is responsible for NBC’s tv and streaming platforms, which include regional, national, and foreign cable networks. CMCSA also oversees NBCUniversal’s film and television studios and Universal theme parks. Oh, and it happens to own the Philadelphia Flyers and the team’s Wells Fargo Center. Peacock is presently CMCSA’s primary streaming source. CMCSA, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was formed in 1963.

CMCSA is another stock with an excellent track record, solid fundamentals, and market security. I then look through the metrics and have to ask myself, why is CMCSA down by more than 30% YTDCMCSA has projected sales of $30.5 billion for the current fiscal quarter at 79 cents per share. Over the last twelve months, CMCSA has come with a beta of 1.01, a P/E ratio of 9.37x, a P/S of 1.30x, and a P/B measure of 1.8x. Also, it’s been deduced that for CMCSA’s trailing twelve months (TTM), there have been impressive accumulations, such as its revenue of $121.21 billion, from which they pulled a net profit of $5.4 billion, with an operating margin of 18.91%CMCSA has a dividend yield of 3.08% and 27 cents ($1.08/year) per share. Analysts have also come together to give CMCSA a median price target of 39.00, a high of 60.00, and a low of 29.00, which offers CMCSA a potential upswing of 71.30%. 

Alphabet Inc (GOOGL)

Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) offers a variety of goods and platforms throughout the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Canada, and the Asia-Pacific. GOOGL’s Services division provides goods and services such as Android phones, Google Search, Chrome web browser, Gmail, Google Maps, Hardware, Google Drive, and YouTube, of course. GOOGL also sells applications, in-app purchases, and digital content through the Google Play store, Fitbit wearable devices, Pixel phones, and other applicable devices and gadgets. GOOGL’s Google Cloud division provides infrastructure, applications, and other solutions. GOOGL was created in 1998 and is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.

I probably don’t need to tell you that GOOGL’s parent-company Alphabet knows how to smartly distribute its assets through brand-centered offerings– some of which are just extraordinary pioneers in their little niche areas, such as “Google Maps” and “Google Drive.” Well, GOOGL’s pricing has been down, too– by about 40% year-to-date. On the other hand, it shows some remarkable products and perhaps business metrics even more impressive. GOOGL’s TTM (trailing twelve months) performance is rock solid. GOOGL brings comfort with it in the form of a 1.06 betaa P/E ratio of 16.10x, a return on equity margin of 26.89%, a net profit margin of 29.53%, and operating free cash flow of, you know, just roughly $92 billion. Is it’s recent market valuation? No big deal; Just $1.2 trillion and its stock is pricing near the low end of its range. GOOGL is a fierce competitor among its “FAANG” counterparts and is known among analysts and brokers for having strength in innovation, and hiring. Analysts give GOOGL a consensus average price target of 122.00, with a high of 165.00 and a low of 93.00. This leaves room for 87% upside potential. And, if it wasn’t obvious, the expert consensus says to buy GOOGL.

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