Famed Market Veteran: Move Your Money Before 2023

If you own U.S. assets – stocks, bonds, real estate, or just have cash in the bank… you need to hear this new warning immediately.

Dan Ferris, who predicted the Lehman Brothers collapse 8 months ahead of time in 2008 and called the exact day of the Nasdaq peak in 2021 says an event is about to hit the market that few living investors have experienced.

He says:

“I think what’s ahead of us in the market could be worse than the Great Depression, the Dot-Com Crash, and the Financial Crisis combined.”

Ferris has been profiled in Barron’s and Bloomberg… and has just stepped forward with an urgent warning that few Americans understand what happens during stock market “Dead Zones” – a unique phenomenon he predicts will make headlines in 2023.

And he says that if you listen to the “experts” in the mainstream financial press who tell you “just hold on, stocks always recover”, it could end in disaster for you in the coming months.

He describes how this is all likely to play out… exactly what it could mean for your money, and #1 step to take immediately, right here.