3 Dividend-Paying Stocks w/ Success, Stability & Sustainability

Inflationary periods lead to uncertainty that flows seamlessly through the market. Although yields and payouts can change due to various factors, the greatest dividend-paying stocks often have a more consistent history of payments because of the strength of their management, their resilience, and their success within their respective industries. Due to their large scale and distinct competitive advantages, many of the best dividend stocks are blue-chip stocks representing big-name businesses, which frequently maintain or even increase their payments during challenging economic times.

The growing value of several reputable firms that pay dividends is likely due to price declines. Some blue-chip firms should do well in the long run, despite a temporary downside. Also, the Fed’s rate hikes have decreased! Despite speculation, it does appear that inflation is starting to ease up— which, if true, alleviates risk. I’ve done my digging and landed on three stocks that won’t be filing for bankruptcy any time soon. These are all currently priced down, leaving plenty of room for upside potential. One can at least enjoy passive income from quarterly shareholder payments.

Join me while I break down three dividend stocks with comforting track records of market success. Wall Street’s brightest agree that we should buy and hold these hot-ticket tickers:

JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM)

JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) is a global investment bank and financial services holding corporation. Because JPM is one of the largest banks in the world, the Financial Stability Board considers it a systemically significant bank. JPM is a substantial provider of various forms of investment banking and financial services, acting as a “Bulge Bracket” bank– which, in short, also stresses its potent relevance and stature. JPM is classified as both a universal and a custodial bank. Wealth management, commercial banking, asset management, private banking, and treasury services utilize the JPM brand. With roots in Delaware, JPM was founded in late 2000, and its headquarters are in New York City, NY.

JPM’s almost $4 trillion (with a T) in assets makes it the largest bank in the U.S. These factors, together with JPM’s cost advantages, give it a more competitive edge. JPM’s management prides itself on being the only big bank to avoid prolonged turmoil spilled over from the pandemic. JPM is forecasted to finish Q4 with $34.2 billion in revenue, with an EPS of $3.12 per share. Q3’s results for JPM beat analysts’ projections for revenue and EPS by margins of 9.18% and 2.62%, respectively. JPM, for the last 12 months, has worked with a net profit margin of 30.74% and an operating margin of 38.12%JPM has a P/E of 10.4x and a beta measure on par with the overall market. JPM currently has a dividend yield of 3%, with a quarterly shareholder payout of $1.00 per share ($4.00 annually). Analysts who provide yearly pricing estimates have given JPM a median price target of 145.00, with a high of 174.00 and a low of 118.00. This might only represent an 8.7% increase from current pricing, but don’t forget to consider the size and scale in this case. Analysts tell us to Buy Now and Hold stock in JPM.

Pfizer Inc (PFE)

Pfizer Inc. (PFE) is a U.S. multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology firm. PFE discovers and manufactures medications and vaccines for immunology, cancer, cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology. PFE has numerous blockbuster medications or treatments at any given time, and each tends to bring in its own billion dollars or more in revenue. PFE is based in Manhattan, New York City. Charles Pfizer and his relative Charles F. Erhart founded PFE in New York, NY, in 1849.

To its credit, PFE not only weathered the storms well and is now less prone to volatility than the broader market. PFE has performed well in 2022’s quarterly earnings reports, most recently beating analysts’ forecasts for EPS and revenue by 27.03% and 7.31%, respectively. PFE’s return on equity of 35.5%operating margin of 39.96%, and P/E ratio of 9.9x can provide additional comfort. The current dividend yield for PFE is 3.01%, which pays shareholders a quarterly amount of 42 cents per share ($1.68 yearly). Analysts who provide 12-month price estimates have given PFE a price target of 55.50, with its high of 75.00 representing a 37.6% increase. With Q4 forecasts of $24 billion in sales at $1.08 per share, this certainly looks like a bargain. Analysts agree that we should Buy Now and Hold

Union Pacific Corp (UNP)

Union Pacific Corporation (UNP) engages in the railroad industry in the U.S. through its subsidiary, Union Pacific Railroad Company. Transportation services are provided to grain processors, animal feeders, ethanol producers, and other agricultural users. UNP transports grain and fertilizers, food and cold storage products, coal and renewables, construction products, industrial chemicals, metals, as well as finished automobiles, car parts, and merchandise in its international trade. UNP’s rail network at home comprises over 30,000 route miles connecting West Coast and Gulf Coast ports with Midwest and Eastern gateways. UNP was established in 1862 and is based in Omaha, Nebraska.

UNP didn’t have much difficulty recovering from the pandemic’s upheaval. UNP has consistently beaten analysts’ earnings expectations and shows incredible year-over-year growth considering where it was. With 70+ hedge funds in UNP’s corner, it’s hard not to wonder if there’s a way to profit here. UNP’sprice is down by 13.61% year-to-date, yet its forecasted revenue and EPS for Q4 2022 is $6.4 billion, at $2.86 per shareUNP shows an operating margin of 41%, a return on equity margin of 55.11%, a forward P/E of 18x, and $4.4 billion in free cash flow for the last twelve months. UNP has a dividend yield of 2.39%, with a quarterly shareholder payout of $1.30 per share ($5.20 annually). Analysts who offer price estimates have given UNP a median price target of 219.00, with a high of 250.00 and a low of 177.00UNP just about meets that target but still has room to increase by 14.9% from its current price. Analysts also concede that for cautious investors, the right move regarding UNP is to Buy Now and Hold.

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