Passive Income: 3 Dividend Stocks To Harden Our Portfolios During Q4 & Beyond

In the 1960s and again in the 1980s, the stock market outperformed inflation thanks primarily to the increased value of dividends, according to a recent study on that exact subject. Dividends also received credit for virtually all stock gains throughout the economically underwhelming yet transformative second half of the 2000s. The research concluded that dividends have accounted for 40% of all stock market returns since 1930 and 54% during periods of high inflation.

The stock market continues to experience a negative trend as escalating costs, rising interest rates continuously implemented by the Federal Reserve, and inflation itself continue to be the main topics of discussion. Due to increasing uncertainty, such people prefer to shift their focus to high-yielding dividend payers instead of growth stocks. Given recent trends, these stocks are ideal in several scenarios, and having them in place can dramatically enhance the stability of any portfolio.

Let’s look at three of my favorite dividend stocks at the moment. I’ve accounted for yields and payouts, business smarts, sound balance sheets, and a history of success and growth. Experts agree that we should buy these well-liked and well-timed tickers:

AXIS Capital Holdings Ltd (AXS)

AXIS Capital Holdings Ltd (AXS) is a holding company for a group of companies referred to as AXIS. Through its subsidiaries and branch networks throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Bermuda, and Singapore, AXS provides a wide range of risk transfer products and services. Property, professional lines, terrorism, marine, energy, environmental, and other insurance are among the services provided by AXS. Property, professional lines, credit and bond, and other reinsurance services are available through the business. AXS was founded on November 8th, 2001, and is headquartered in Pembroke Parish, Bermuda. 

AXS’s stock is forecasted to increase in value by 33.90% this time next year. Since that same time, AXS has reported revenue of $5.08 billion, with an EPS of $4.08 per shareAXS has also reported gross profits of $1.39 billion, a profit margin of 7.47%, and an operating cash flow of $1.02 billion. The current quarter shows forecasted sales of $1.3 billion, an EPS of $1.58, and quarterly EPS growth of 5,164.03%AXS has a dividend yield of 3.12%, with a quarterly payout of 43 cents ($1.72 annually) per share. According to analysts, AXS’s stock is expected to grow by 20% a year for the next five years. Now, analysts who offer 12-month price forecasts have given AXS a consensus median price target of 61.00, with a high of 71.00 and a low of 49.00. The estimate is a 10.59% increase over current pricing, and AXS’s buy rating doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. 

Ready Capital Corp (RC)

Ready Capital Corp (RC) is a U.S.-based real estate finance corporation heavily involved in lending. RC buys, generates, manages, and services small-balance commercial (SBC) loans, SBA loans, mortgages, and mortgage-backed securities. RC is classified as a real estate investment trust for federal income tax reasons. In September 2018, RC changed its name from Sutherland Asset Management to Ready Capital Corporation. RC was established in 2007 and is based in New York, New York.

RC is one of my favorite little dividend discoveries of the year if it doesn’t already hold the top spot. There have been some misses regarding earnings reports, but overall, RC is arguably undervalued, with its stock price being down by almost 17% year to date. Examples of RC’s last 12 months of success include quarterly EPS growth of 38.10%revenue growth of 16.59%, and updated TTM (trailing twelve months) revenue of $566.37 million at $2.26 per share, showing gross profits of $427 million and a 15.12% return on equity. Meanwhile, RC has a dividend yield of 12.92%, with a quarterly payout of 42 cents per share, or $1.90 annually. Stock in RC is expected to grow by 14.21% annually over the next five years. And finally, analysts have marked RC with a consensus median price target of 14.50 (high of 16.00; low of 11.00). This is an 11.62% rise from the latest price, one more reason to buy RC. Could it be a winner? The majority of analysts say “yes.”

Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM)

ExxonMobil Corp (XOM) is a global American gas and oil corporation based in Irving, Texas. Being the largest direct descendent of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, XOM wasn’t technically founded until November 30th, 1999, by merging Exxon and Mobil, both of which were utilized as retail names for filling stations for many years and still are to this day. Vertically integrated throughout the energy sector, XOM also has a segment that manufactures plastic, rubber, and various chemical goods. 

XOM recently announced that it would increase its dividend distribution for the 40th year in a row. XOM’s history of raising its dividends places it in a select club of equities endearingly referred to as Dividend Aristocrats. These firms have continuously grown their dividends for at least 25 years. XOM’s stock must have something going on— it has a whopping 3,801 financial institutions (hedge funds, etc.) that own sharesXOM has no issue taking down experts’ predictions, most recently surpassing EPS forecasts by 16.88% and revenue expectations by nearly 7%XOM’s stock value is up by 84.83% year-to-date and is projected to grow in worth by 25.80% annually over the next five yearsXOM currently has a dividend yield of 3.22%, with a quarterly payout of 91 cents per share, or $3.64 yearly. According to the analysts who provide 12-month price projections, XOM has a consensus median price target of 120.00, with a high of 136.00 and a low of 98.00. This is 6.10% up from its last price, and it seems like investors who are looking for a silver lining might have an opportunity here. XOM has that buy rating, after all. 

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