Tesla’s future (NOT EVs)

Tesla is an electric car company, right?

Not for long…

Details of Elon Musk’s future plans for Tesla recently got out.

And get this…

Tesla is headed in an entirely new direction.

Musk says it’s “probably [worth] several times that of what the car business is per year”… and it could soon be 50% of Tesla’s business.

That’s because this new trend is worth $130 trillion according to Forbes. 

But Musk isn’t the only billionaire gunning for all this money.

Five billionaires are backing a tiny $4 company that could beat Tesla to the punch.

It’s an epic billionaire battle with a $130 trillion grand prize. 

Former Goldman Sachs executive Nomi Prins recently explained what’s going on in this video.

It includes a 30-second demonstration that reveals why these 5 billionaires are betting against Musk, and backing this tiny $4 company instead.

Click here to watch the 30-second demo.