New EV set to disrupt entire auto industry

It’s the vehicle that could finally take EVs mainstream.

The Wall Street Journal calls it “an American manufacturing triumph.”

It’s shockingly cheap – as much as 50% cheaper than the competition.

It has 775 pound-feet of torque, and it can even power an entire home for up to 10 days.

Until now, this was just a pipe dream. But now it’s a reality…

And it won’t just be the auto industry that gets affected by this breakthrough.

One of the most famous investors in history – a man who spent over 25 years on Wall Street and managed several billion-dollar hedge funds – is convinced that the company behind this vehicle is poised to disrupt the entire $1.3 trillion EV boom.

The stage is now set for the automaker to make a MAJOR move, as soon as October 27th.

And it could send Wall Street into a buying frenzy…

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